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In August 2000 the hydraulic steel structures division of DSD Saarlouis and the hydromechanical equipment division of Noell Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Wuerzburg, were merged and newly founded under the roof of DSD Steel Group.

The scope of supply of hydromechanical equipment comprises:
Locks, weirs, dam equipment, steel linings and penstocks, flood barriers, ship lifts, ferry landing bridges (RoRo equipment), with appurtenant drives and control equipment (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical), and the rehabilitation of existing plants.

Locks, barrages and movable bridges require very sophisticated drive systems due to their complex dynamics. DSD NOELL achieves optimized adjustment of control requirements to the dynamic needs of the plant by consistant use of state of the art control technology. Our clients can benefit from our extensive experience as early as in the project planning phase. This ensures realization of highly reliable plants with low energy consumption. Using non-pollutant hydraulic fluids, DSD NOELL ensures that complex environmental issues are given all the consideration they demand.

As a steel construction company, DSD NOELL is familiar with the statical and dynamic characteristics of the equipment for which the drives are supplied. This knowledge is applied throughout the engineering work on the drives. The experience gained during the erection, commissioning and operation of plants is channelled directly into planning work of new plants. DSD NOELL´s clients can thus be assured that their plant will not be treated as a selection of isolated components. They can expect to receive a complete system, in which all elements operate hand in hand. This simplifies coordination tasks and consequently reduces commissioning times.