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The NOELL company looks back on a more than 180 years old history.
Hydromechanical equipment was already designed and produced before the turn of the 20th century. The picture below right shows the old blacksmith workshop in the secularised Oberzell monestary near Wuerzburg.

More than 180 years ago Matthias Noell was awarded a smithy concession in Wuerzburg, Germany.

The NOELL workshop started into a turbulent future initially only repairing and constructing stagecoaches. Soon it made great leaps forward. In 1850 NOELL produced complete new railway cars. The following decades focussed on construction of steelbridges and workshop buildings. At the turn of the 20th century parallel to steel construction the hydromechanical and crane construction became one of the enterprise's most important pillars.

Change of products requires change of location.

Within short time the blacksmith's workshop in the Neubau-street had become too small.

After some shortterm relocations the company finally found it's new address from 1886 unitl 1973 in the Nuremburg street in Wuerzburg. In 1974 the NOELL workers started their activity in the new factury located in the industrial area of the Wuerzburg Veitshoechheim street. The new cross-shaped NOELL administrative building on the opposite side, at Alfred-Nobel-Street, was created in 1983.

In 1972 the family enterprise is take over by Salzgitter AG which later was Preussag AG, a state owned corporation. During the next 25 years NOELL evolves from being a traditional steel works company to a key player in mechanical and plant engineering. Alongside the traditional business areas, such as steel structural engineering, steel bridge construction, hydromechanical equipment and crane construction the new business divisions turnkey construction, warehousing technology, nuclear technology and environmental engineering are added.

At that time NOELL employs more than 8,000 employees in 8 companies. In the late 90s, the NOELL group is sold to German Babcock. Only short time later the areas of hydraulic steel structures and bridge construction are taken over by Dillinger Stahlbau GmbH (DSD) in Saarlouis, a subsidiary of MAN Ferrostaal AG, which belongs to the MAN corporation.

As a part of further restructuring, DSD Steel Group GmbH becomes shareholder of DSD NOELL GmbH, which, in 2004, is founded to constitute an independent company.