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Penstocks & Bifurcations

Scope of supply and services

  • Penstock in tunnels and at the surface
  • Bifurcations for distribution of water loads to several turbines
  • Bifurcations for connection of new penstocks to existing ones for extension of a HEPP to become a pumpstorage plant
  • Design using FEM-methods
  • Design for whatever pressure conditio

Picture: Karahnjukar, Island, 3,4 m dia., 723 m WH, 4.600 tons


During design stage our specialists optimize the best combination of materials types and material thicknesses by use of FEM-methods.
Whether load bearing tunnel walls, external mountain and water pressure, or only internal pressure, external factures are of essential importance for the calculations and design. These considerations allow to determine huge saving potentials for projects with i.e. several hundred or thousand tons of material.

Depending on penstock diameters and total tonnages we decide, whether premanufacturing in a workshop or manufacturing directly on site is the more economic solution. DSD NOELL has gained practical experience for penstock diameters 2 to 9 meter and for water pressure heights of more than 1.000 meter.

Bifurcations and Bends

Karahnjukar, Endstück mit Krafteinleitung, Island