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Gates & Valves

Gates & Valves

Radial Gate

Radial Gate with or without counterweight and flap for spilling and water level adjustment. Oil hydraulic drive system.

Picture: Radial Gate with counterweight for 75 MW Kukule Ganga HEP in Sri Lanka


Application for

  • Culvert gates for navigational shiplocks (for filling of lockchamber)
  • Filling and emptying gates for water saving basins
  • Bottom outlet gates for dams and river power plants

Actuation against waterflow (unbalanced watercondition) possible.

Picture: Culvert gate of shiplock Rothensee at Magdeburg, FRG

Slide gate

With or without inbuilt valves.

Application for

  • Bottom outlets for dams and river power plants
  • Stoplogs

Actuation under balanced waterconditions.

Picture: Slidegate for bottom outlet of Karakaya dam, Turkey. Waterheight 200 meter

Mitre gate

Mitre gates for navigational shiplocks with chamberwidths of 12 and 24 m as common in Europe. Other exceptional sizes are welcome. With or without filling valves.

Application unter balanced water conditions only, mostly for downstream gate pairs. Oil hydraulic drives or linear actuators.

At the upstream side usually radial gates are applied to also open against waterpressure under special conditions.

Picture: 3D-design of a navigational shiplock mitre gate at the Main river near Schweinfurt, Germany. Wingmeasure approx. 6 meter

Lifting gate

Lifting gates for navigational shiplocks with chamberwidths of 12, 24 and 36 m (i.e. Danube area along Romania and Serbia) as common in Europe. With or without filling valves.

Oil hydraulic drives or wire rope hoist systems.

Picture: navigational shiplock lifting gate at the Main river near Nuremburg. Width 12 meter


Stoplog with lengths in the area of 3 to 18 meter.
Element height on average 2,5 upto 6 meter.
Lifting by use of wire rope hoist system and automatic lifting beam.

Picture: Stoplogs for New Naga Hammadi barrage at the Nile river, Egypt. Width 17 m


Fishbelly flap gate


at barrages or river hydro plants for spilling or water level regulation.

Drum gates


at river barrages for spilling purpose and water level regulation for navigational shipping.

Horizontal rolling gates

Horizontal rolling gates as floodbarriers, for big shiplocks and for sea harbour locks.
With or without filling gates. Clear opening widths of approx. 30 upto 60 m. Alternative drive systems, such as wire rope, hydraulic or rack and pinion available

Picture: Shiplock Bremerhaven, Germany, 36 meter clear width