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An engineering and project management team at the head office, as well as a pool of construction professionals that are well familiar with our products and quality requirements which they have gained through their long experience in many parts of the world secure the successful completion of all tasks on site.

Already in the bidding phase, assembly processes, well-tailored to project-specific constraints, contractual requirements and geographic realities, are streamlined with the processes and the overall construction project. For elaboration of an economic budget framework factors like staffing requirements, building site, necessary large machines and the demand for supporting and special structures are determined.

During the execution phase, based on meanwhile completed design drawings as well as on quality requirements, the assembly processes are developed upto the required level of detail and coordinated with our customers. Challenging lifting or moving actions can be simulated by help of virtual 3D collision analysis and thus be verified before the actual on site operation is started.

Our site manager and his team are supported on site by  effective and competent subcontractors with whom we already have had a long and successful collaboration.

If necessary, in more distant regions, we recruit the required employees on the spot and organize their training in the necessary professional fields.

Work safety and health protection enjoys one of our top priorities on all our construction sites. Project-specific risk analysis and the thus derived protective measures to be observed constitute the basis for safety instructions and training, as well as for the use of personal protective equipment for each employee.

  • Penstock installation for the project
  • Lifting gate erection