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Award of contract - Replacement of head gates of Group I and III on Main-Danube Canal / Germany

In October 2015, the waterways and shipping authority of Nuremberg awards DSD NOELL GmbH the contract for the replacement of the head gates of the locks of Bamberg, Strullendorf, Hausen, Nuremberg and Forchheim on the Main-Danube Canal. DSD NOELL GmbH is responsible for the planning, design, delivery and installation of the lock gates. In addition, the PAH/asbestos-contaminated old structures must be dismantled and disposed of in advance.

The scope of supplies comprises the following key components:

  • 6 head gates
  • Running and guiding rails
  • Rope sheaves
  • Ropes
  • Hinged gear rack guides

The head gates for the locks of Bamberg, Strullendorf and Hausen are delivered in March 2016. The above-listed gates are installed during the closing of the locks for shipping in 2016 (07 - 25 April 2016). Also in 2016, the spare gate (July 2016) and the head gate for the lock of Forchheim (September 2016) are delivered. These gates and the head gate for Nuremberg, which is delivered in February 2017, are installed during the closing of the locks in 2017.