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Contract award - New construction of 5th lock chamber of Brunsbüttel / Germany

The construction activities for the new construction of the 5th lock chamber for the lock in Brunsbüttel is located on the area of the locks of the waterways and shipping authorities of Brunsbüttel on Kiel Canal. In May 2014, DSD NOELL GmbH as a member of a joint venture was awarded the contract for the design, manufacture and installation of:

  • 3 sliding gates (with 8 filling and emptying flaps, each)
  • Hydraulic system, draining and ballasting system, gate-internal electrical and instrumentation technology
  • 2 upper carriages and 3 undercarriages
  • 2 lifting pontoons, draining and ballasting system, pontoon-internal electrical and instrumentation technology

The present lock complex in Brunsbüttel comprises two twin locks, each, of the small (old) lock in the south and the large (new) lock in the north of the facility. The new construction of the 5th lock chamber is located on the lock island between the existing twin locks. Kiel Canal has been used as navigation route for national and international shipping for over 100 years and is the second gate to the Baltic sea. It directly competes with the Skagen route and is a competitive and environmentally compatible transport rout to manage growing trade flows in Europe with an increased use of short-distance maritime transport parallel to the coast in the future.