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In November 2011 DSD NOELL signed a contract with Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (KWO) / Schweiz

In September 2010 DSD NOELL GmbH has been awarded the contract for building the parallel shaft in Innertkichen 1 from the KWO, about 80 km southeastern from Berne, capital city of Switzerland.

DSD NOELL is responsible for design, supply and installation of the penstocks.

The main components are:

  • Steel lining for the inclined and horizontal shaft, the connecting constructions and connecting tunnel. Total length of the Penstock approx. 2.070 m – Ø 2.00 m & 2.40 m
  • Materials: S 460 ML and S 690 QL. Thickness: 12 – 100 mm
  • 2 T-Joints, 1 Bifurcation and Dismantling Pipe for Service
  • Pressure Gate and Swing Gate for the Surge Chamber.
  • Penstock Inspection Equipment with Supervision and Security Controls.

Innertkirchen I HEP was built more than 60 years ago and needs to be updated acc. to modern technologies. Building a second penstock which is arranged parallel to the old one creates a slower water flow velocity thus reducing friction losses. The derived savings can be used to increase energy production to a capacity of 280 MW.

Flyer Project Innertkirchen I