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New contract - Djerdap I

On 30 January 2019, DSD NOELL signed the “Djerdap I” Contract with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.

DSD NOELL hence once again succeeded in executing a contract for a project on a Danube lock.

In a joint venture with two Serbian companies under the leadership of DSD NOELL, the complete equipment and installations of the Djerdap I twin lock shall be refurbished.

DSD NOELL’s assignment is the supply of all drive components including the electrical control unit, as well as the supply of the culvert gates.

Other components such as civil structures, fire extinguishing equipment, camera systems, crane rehabilitation, etc. are in our joint venture partners’ responsibility.

The total contract value is Euro 27 million.

The work on the lock shall be completed by late 2020.

Restoration of Djerdap