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New lifting gates at Main-Danube-Canal shiplocks (Group No. III)

DSD NOELL GmbH receives a second contract from Nuremburg Navigation Authority for five new lifting gates at Main-Danube-Canal shiplocks (Group No. III)

Nuremburg Navigation Authority had already appreciated the quick and highest quality project execution for the "Group I" gates by DSD NOELL GmbH in 2008.

In summer 2009 DSD NOELL GmbH repeatedly received an order from Nuremburg Navigation Authority for design, supply and erection of new lifting gates for the four shiplocks Eibach, Leerstetten, Eckersmühlen and Hilpoltstein located at the Main-Danube-Canal in northern Bavaria, Germany.

The old existing gates must be disassembled and disposed.

Basic scope of supply and services:

  • 5 lifting gates, sized 12,4 m x 11,77 m (width x height) at a waterpressure of approximately 29 m - one being a spare gate
  • 4 set rollertracks made of hardened profiles at the gate openings including backfill of tracks with "Diamant" metal filler.
  • Retrofitting of wire rope hoists including pulleys, bearings and counterweights

All disassembly and erection works for 3 shiplocks are to be executed within a very short 19-day navigational closing timeframe in April 2010.

Disposal of the "PAK"-contaminated old gates(PAK = polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)

Execution of shiplock Eibach to follow in April 2012

The total weight of new erected equipment is 1.220 tons of steel.

(All lifting gates at Main-Danube-Canal are - except the different construction heights - of basically same design.)