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1000 MW Pumpstorage Plant Limmern / Switzerland

Period: 2009-2017

Customer: Kraftwerke Linth Limmern AG, Schweiz

Country: Schweiz

Technical Description:

The new cavern hydro-electric power station Limmern is utilizing excess-power from the grid for pumping water from the Limmern-lake at elevation 1857 m.a.s.l. into the Mutt-lake at a 630 meter higher elevation in order to generate peak-power when required.
DSD NOELL is awarded the contract for engineering, detailed design, manufacturing and installation of two steel-lined penstocks. Due to the dimensions of the pipe-sections with inner diameter of up to 4,40 meter it is decided to establish a field-workshop in the valley. All 831 numbers of cans as well as all other material and personnel are lifted to the upper place of installation by cable-lift. The installation of both inclined parallel penstock-shafts is executed almost simultaneously within a period of 2 years.

  • DSD NOELL designs, manufactures and installsSteel-lined penstocks of inner diameter of 4,40 m , length 70 meter
  • 2 inclined steel-lined penstocks of inner diameter 4,20 m, length 1.150 m