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200 MW in Pump-Storage Plant Vianden / Luxembourg

Period: 2009-2011

Customer: Société Électrique de l´Our S.A.

Country: Luxembourg

Technical Description:

In order to balance the rising demand of peak-power and the fluctuations in the European grid as well as to support the renewable energy, the pump-storage plant Vianden is extended with an additional pump-turbine of 250 MW.
DSD NOELL designs, supplies, installs and commissions equipment with a total weight of 2,800 ton:

Intake-/Outlet -Tower at Upper Pond

  • 8 sets  trash-racks (W=6,00m x H=4,00m)
  • 8 stop-logs (W=6,00m x H=4,00m)
  • 1 cylinder gate (dia.= 5,20m x H=3,85m)
  • 1 inspection cage with winch
  • 1 circular gantry crane for maintenance (dia.= 9,50 m / 25kN)


  • vertical penstock, Ø 4,50 m, length 303,70 m
  • inclined penstock, Ø4,50 m, length 233,20 m incl. bends & conical section
  • 1 adit gate (W=1,25 m x H=2,10m)
  • 1 adit gate (W=4,00m x H=4,20m)

Intake-/ Outlet at Lower Pond

  • 4 sets trash racks ( W=4,60m x H=6,30m)
  • 5 stop logs (W=4,60m x H=5,00m)