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80 MW HEP Kukule Ganga / Sri Lanka

Period: 2000 - 2005
Customer: Ceylon Electricity Board, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Technical description:     

The Kukule Ganga dam project is located some 70 km southeast of the capital Colombo. Sri Lanka depends largely on hydro-electricity. Rather than to build a large dam to store water in a big lake Kukule Ganga project uses the »run-of-the-river« method. Only 15 families had to be relocated instead of thousands which would have been caused by flooding of vast countrysides. Instead a smaller weir of 20 m has been built to feed the water into the intake. The water is guided through a 140 m high vertical penstock. The power cavern is 200 m underground and has two Francis units of 40 MW.
DSD NOELL designed, supplied and installed in 2000-2005 (all
dimensions width x height):

  • 4 radial gates with counterweights 12 m x 10 m and 1 flap;
  • 4 sets hydraulic drives and electric controls; 4 stoplog elements with rollers, 12 x 2,5 m each


  • 2 rakes 7.5 x 5.3 m with automatic TRCM;
  • 2 slide gates, 3 x 4.25 m

Desander: 11.6 m wide, 7.3 m high with flushing gates
Ø 3.4 m, 140 m vertical shaft with bifurcation, branches and cones

Draft tube: 2 flap gates 3.7 x 4.8 m with drives and controls