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Albatros Double Bascule Bridge / Mexico

The ALBATROS double bascule bridge with a total length of 92.6 metres is located in the industrial port of the Mexican city Lázaros Cárdenas in the state of Michoacán on Mexico’s Pacific coast, and connects the urban port area with the Isla de Enmedio.

The bridge crosses a distributary of the Rio Balsa. By connecting the port areas, the infrastructure of the major port and the neighbouring industrial zones is significantly improved. With a passage width of 50 m and a passage height of approx. 12 m, small vessels may pass without the need to open the bridge. The time for opening and/or closing the bridge is significantly less than three minutes. According to the principle of the Leonardo bridge, both bridge leaves mutually support each other. This system requires challenging control and instrumentation technology for synchronising the leaf movement, in particular in consideration of the short movement times.

DSD NOELL designs, supplies and installs:

  • 2 hydraulic power unit with an oil volume of 5500 l, each, and a capacity of 3 x 53 kW, each
  • 4 hydraulic cylinders Ø 460/300 x 7250, with integrated encoder system; cylinder force 2000 kN, each
  • 4 bridge pivot bearings Ø 440
  • 4 back arm locking units
  • 4 end position dampers