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BÚRFELL Hydroelectric Plant / Iceland

Period: 2016 – 2018

Customer: Landsvirkjun-Island

Country: Iceland

Technische Beschreibung:

The domestic power utility Landsvirkjun extends the existing hydro-power plant Burfell by one 100MW Francis-unit along with an additional intake- and outlet-structures. The scope of supply by DSD NOELL consists of:

Power Intake

  • 1 set trash racks (3 x W=7,50 m x H=3,20m) with hydraulic drive
  • 1 set stop-logs (2 x W=5,80 m x H=2,80 m )
  • 1 roller gate with hydraulic drive (W=6,60m x H=5,80m)


  • Ø 5,20 m, vertical penstock,  L= 105 m
  • Ø 5,20 m conical to  Ø 3,93 m, horizontal penstock L=35m
  • incl. transition piece (? 5,50 m auf Ø 5,20 m); bend, man-hole and cones

Outlet Structure

  • 2 sets stop-logs (2 x W=5,70 m x H=1,80 m)
  • 1 bridge crane
  • Total Weight approximately 760 ton

The procurement of materials from the rolling of the special material grades S500ML and S355ML, manufacturing (in Germany) and transport of components with dimensions of 6.5m height and width and unit weights of up to 50 tons over land and sea within less than 10 months were particularly challenging.