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Barrage and Lock Naga Hammadi / Egypt

Period: 2001 - 2007
Costumer: ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT,  Project Implementation Unit (PIU), Cairo
Country: Naga Hammadi / Ägypten

Technical description:     

The agriculture in the nile valley from Assuan to Cairo exclusively depends on irrigation, which is provided through the three big nile barrages Esna, Naga Hammadi and Assiut. Through the nile barrage near Naga Hammadi, the irrigation agriculture in one of the poorest regions in the country, is secured. The project covers the new barrage, a hydroelectric power plant with 64MW and a lock to maintain the Nile navigation.
DSD NOELL designed, supplied and installed in 2001-2007:

  • 7 radial gates with flap on the top 17 m x 13.5 m
  • 2 emergency gates


  • 3 sets of mitre gates and 1 sector gate, U/s dimensions: 17 m x 5.1 m, D/s dimensions: 17 m x 11.6 m
  • 1 emergency stoplog
  • 2 ship arrester, 2 trash rack cleaning machines

Power Plant:

  • 2 rolling gates, dimensions: 14.2 m x 15.4 m
  • 4 gantry cranes (10-63 tons)
  • 4 trash racks (16.7 x 25 m)
  • 2 trash rack cleaning machines