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Bascule bridge Puente Estacio, La Manga / Spain

Period: 2002
Country: La Manga / Spain

Technical description:     

The 53 m long Estacio bascule bridge is designed for pedestrians and automobiles with two tracks over the Estacio channel in southern Spain. The channel connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor. Located at La Manga peninsula, it allows access of boats to the sport port Tomás Maestre. The bridge is equipped with hydraulic cylinders on both sides which allow a full opening in less than 2 minutes. The controles are centralized in a 50 m high control tower. The inauguration of this bridge came to end the numerous problems that the old swing bridge had caused.
Hydraulic Bridge Drives:

  • 2 hydraulic power units;
  • 4 hydraulic cylinders Ø 460/280 x 3,900 mm, max. force 2,200 kN;
  • 4 locking cylinders Ø 125/70 x
  • 520 mm, 2 locking cylinders Ø 180/90 x 475 mm, stainless steel piping

Control system:

  • Central and local control SPS Simatic S7-400, redundant;
  • Visualization system displaying bridge and traffic instrumentation

Mechanical engineering equipment:

  • 4 main pivot bearings Ø 440 mm,
  • 4 rear locking devices;
  • 2 centre locking devices and 6 neopren absorbers