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Dhauliganga Hydroelectric Power Project / India

Period: 1999-2005

Customer: National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC), India

Country: India

Technical Description:

The Hydro-power station at the Dhauliganga River in Uttar Pradesh/India consists of a 56 m high concrete-face-rockfill dam, a 6 km long headrace-tunnel followed by penstocks, which lead to the cavern-powerhouse with 4 units of 70 MW each.
The scope of work of DSD NOELL consists of the engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of:

  • 3 low level spillway radial gates (W=6,00m x H=10,00m) with hydraulic hoists
  • 1 set of stop-logs (5 elements) (W=6,00m x H=12,50m) 
  • 1 tunnel spillway radial gate (W=9,00m x H=13,40m) with hydraulic hoists
  • 2 roller gates for power intake with winch hoist (W=5,00m x H=5,00m)
  • 2 slide gates for maintenance of power intake (W=5,00m x H=5,00m
  • 2 sets of power intake trash-racks (W=12,60m x H=9,00m)
  • 1 trash rack cleaning machine with hyd. grab, range 15 m , capacity 10kN
  • 2 slide gates for desilting chamber with winch hoist (W=5,00m x H=5,00m
  • 2 flushing tunnel slide gates with hyd. hoist (B=2,00m x H=3,00m)
  • 1 surge shaft roller gate with winch-hoist (W=3,60m x H=3,60m), head=94,0 m
  • 1 draft-tube outlet roller gate (W= 3,80m x H=3,00m)
  • 2 sets of adit-gates to head-race tunnel (W=2,00m x H=2,00m)
  • 2 penstocks ø 4,00m with bifurcator ø 2,40 m, head= 317,0m, total weight 1270 ton
  • automatic gate operation system SCADA
  • 1 Diesel generator 360 kVA