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EDEA Barrage / Cameroon

Period: 2008-2011

Customer: BESIX S.A., Belgien

Country: Cameroon

Technical Description:

The EDEA Hydro-electric Power Station at the Sanaga river is an important power-utility in Cameroon not only for the local aluminium factory Alucam but also for the whole south of the country. The plant operates 14 turbines totaling 263 MW. With the refurbishment of the first three turbines it was also decided to replace the mechanical tilted plate weir with hydraulic driven radial gates controlled by a SCADA system just 8m down-stream of the existing weir. The new weir contains 6 radial gates (18m wide x 8m high), with upstream stop-logs, 3,5m wide access bridge to the piers and a 2x20 ton dual hoist gantry crane for setting the stop-logs and conducting general maintenance. To reduce the effect of cavitation the bays have been steel lined from the sill beam 6m down-stream

The scope of works by DSD NOELL consisted of

  • De-installation of the existing tilted plate weir
  • 6 Radial gates (W=18,00m x H=7,20m) with hydraulic drives
  • 6 Steel Linings of the Ogees
  • Stop-logs consisting of 3 elements (W= 18,50 m x H=2,40 m)
  • Bridge-elements (Total length L=125,00m x W= 4,00m)
  • 1 Gantry Crane with 2 hoist of 20 ton capacity each
  • 1 SCADA system (total length of data-cable ca. 18 km)
  • Total weight approx. 920 ton