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Ferry Linkspan Yantai-Dalian / China

Period: 2004
Customer: Sinorail Bohai Train Ferry Co., Ltd.
Country: China

Technical description:     

The Yantai-Dalian Railway ferry project comprises two ferry terminals and is an important infrastructural part of the land and sea connection from Northeast China to the Yangtze Delta area in southern China. It takes its outset from Dalian City on the Liaodong Peninsula and arrives at Yantai City on the Shandong
Peninsula. The ferry route is crossing the Bohai Bay from north to south and shortens the former transport routes by approximately 1,000 km.
DSD NOELL in 2004 designed, delivered and installed:

For the railway ferrybridge:

  • 4 cylinders Ø 480/200 x 7,100 mm, max. force 4,000 kN;
  • 4 cylinders Ø 700/260 x 4,850 mm, max. force 6,530 kN;
  • 2 hydraulic powerpacks, 540 kW each, oiltanks 6,000 l each with 2 oil cooling systems; 4 clamping cylinders »ferry-bridge«,
  • 8 locking cylinders for parking; 4 cylinders Ø 120/70 x 720 mm
  • for track switch 1 on 5, positioning accuracy +/-1 mm

For the vehicle ferrybridge:

  • 4 cylinders Ø 400/280 x 1,550 mm, max. force 2,500 kN;
  • 4 locking cylinders to park the bridge; 2 hydraulic powerpacks,
  • 60 kW each, oiltanks 850 l each; Stainless steel piping


Redundant Siemens Simatic S7-400H control withWinCC-visualization; Remote maintenance with troubleshooting
via Internet-VPN-connection