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Hydropowerplants Innertkirchen 1 & Handeck 2 / Switzerland

Period: 2011-2016

Customer: Kraftwerke Oberhasli, Schweiz

Country: Switzerland

Technical Description:

The hydro-power-stations Innertkirchen 1 and Handeck 2 are to be upgraded to state of the art. By constructing a second head-race tunnel parallel to the existing one, the velocity of flow and thereby the losses of friction are to be reduced allowing to equip both power-plants with a second unit each and increasing the capacity to total 280 MW.
DSD NOELL is responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of the penstocks. Both projects are executed in parallel. The biggest challenge is to connect to the existing penstocks during a shutdown of plant-operation because the exact dimensions and steel parameter are not known beforehand.


  • Inclined and horizontal Steel-lined penstocks total length approx. 2.070 m - Ø 2,00m and 2.40 m and  approx. 740 m -  Ø 1,50m, 2,40m und 3,00m
  • 3 T-pieces, 2 bifurcators and 2 dismantling pieces for maintenance
  • Wall-thicknesses 12- 140 mm
  • total weight approx. 3,000 ton and 1,200 ton