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Karakaya Damm / Turkey

Period: 1983 - 1988
Customer: DSI, Ankara, Turkey
Country: Turkey

Technical description:     

DSD NOELL designed, supplied and erected the hydromechanical equipment and structures for the hydroelectric power plant at the Karakaya Dam in the upper reaches of the river Euphrates in Turkey:

6 penstocks with a total weight of 5,500 tons

10 radial gates (14.0 x 14.0 m; total weight approx. 1,360 tons)
2 bottom outlet gates (3.0 x 4.8 m designed for a water pressure of 150 m in height, hydraulic drive units each with a capacity of 950 tons incl. approx. 150 m bottom outlet lining)
 10 cranes, thereof 2 power house cranes, each with a capacity of 400 tons
Stoplogs and trashracks as well as various other equipment

Weight: 8750 t