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La Porta d’Europa, Barcelona / Spain

Period: 1998
Customer: Autoritat Portuària Barcelona
Country: Barcelona / Spain

Technical description:   

La Porta d’Europa is a basculant mobile bridge at the entrance to the port of Barcelona. It was designed by Juan José Arenas de Pablo, Professor PhD. at the University of Cantabria in Santander City. The Porta d’Europa bridge insures traffic between the harbour island and mainland while retaining the existing harbour entrance. Opening time is less than three minutes. With its open width of 100 m the bridge describes one further step to make Barcelona harbour a world class port that responds to Europe’s increasing need for transport, distribution and logistic services.
Hydraulic bridge drives:

  • 2 hydraulic power packs with piping system; 4 cylinders Ø 560/
  • 360 x 5,600 mm stroke, max. cylinder strength 4,850 kN;
  • 4 locking cylinders Ø 140/90 x 710 mm,
  • 2 locking cylinders Ø 180/90 x 560 mm

Control system:

  • Central and local control SPS Simatic S7-400, redundant;
  • Visualization system displaying the bridge and the traffic instrumentation

Mechanical engineering equipment:

  • 4 main pivot bearings Ø 670 mm, 4 rear locking devices,
  • 2 centre locking devices and 6 neopren absorbers