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Main-Danube Canal & Europe Canal / Europe

Period: ca. since 1950

Customer: National Agencies of Waterways and Navigation

Countries: Germany, Austria, Romania

Technical Description:

The Main-Danube Canal (MDK) is a 171-kilometer-long federal waterway in Bavaria, which connects the Main at Bamberg with the Danube near Kelheim. The canal was built between 1960 and 1992. It was used to create a continuous water way between the North Sea near Rotterdam / Netherlands and the Black Sea near Constan?a / Romania, which connects the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers and is called Europe-channel. The 17 kilometer-long crest, which crosses the Mittelgebirge Fränkische Alb as the European main watershed Rhine-Danube, is at 406 m above sea level and represents the highest point of the European waterway network.

In the context of the construction and maintenance of locks and weirs along the course of the Europe Canal, DSD NOELL plans, manufactures, installs and puts into operation the hydraulic steel structures at numerous locations in Germany, Austria and Romania.