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Navigation Lock at Eider-Flood-Protection Barrier / Germany

Period: 2016-2020

Customer: Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung, Fachstelle Maschinenwesen Nord

Country: Germany

Technical Description:

An important part of the storm tide protection is the 1973 completed flood protection barrier erected in the estuary of the river Eider into the Northsea / Germany. The most striking building on the Eider barrage is the sluice structure. It consists of 5 openings with a flow width of 40 m each. For navigation serves a lock arranged on the north end with a useful chamber length of 75m and a width of 14m.
The consortium DSD NOELL / Rolf Janssen has been awarded to „Renew the existing, drive-, control- and electrical engineering for the section ship lock and bascule bridge.

DSD NOELL plans, manufactures and installs for the five Mitre Gates and for the Bascule Bridge

  • 41 hydraulic cylinders for the mitre and culvert-gates, Locking- and bascule bridge drive cylinder
  • Hydraulic Power Units at upstream and downstream heads of the navigation lock
  • Hydraulic-Piping
  • Compressor and pressure pipe installation for the air bubbling system
  • taking into operation and training of personnel