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Navigation Lock Minden / Germany

Period: 2012-2015

Customer: WSA Minden, Deutschland

Country: Deutschland

Technical Description:The existing gate at the lock Minden is no longer fatigue –resistant and has various cracks. The new gate must have identical dimensions and the same weight as the existing one, however, the previously welded construction joints are to be replaced by bolted connections. The exchange of gates is to be executed during a navigation–stoppage of only 30 days.

Major Scope of Works

  • dismantling of existing gate incl.  hoist-ropes, dogging and guiding structures, sealings
  • stress analysis and detailed design incl. shop drawings the new equipment
  • supply and installation of new vertical lift gate incl. dogging and guidance structures

Dimension of vertical lift gate

  • W=10,80 m x H=  11,50 m x D= 1,10 m
  • Weight = 63 ton

Since only the upstream head can be accessed by heavy transports and mobile cranes, the three sections of the gate are placed there and laterally shifted 84 m to downstream. The individual gate-sections are assembled and finally positioned through a moveable lifting device