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Navigation Lock Seville/ Spain

Period: 2006-2013

Customer: Esclusa Sevilla U.T.E.

Country: Spain

Technical Description:

The new lock in Seville separates the port of Seville from the changing level of the river Guadalquivir. The lock-chamber is 40 m wide. The entire sluice system consists of four sliding gates, eight filling and emptying valves, two movable road bridges and a railway-bridge.

The scope of services of DSD NOELL includes the planning, supply, assembly, commissioning and training of the personnel

For the three bascule bridges

  • 15 hydraulic cylinders for the bridge drives, as well as bridge locking
  • 3 hydraulic power units incl. piping at both heads of lock
  • Bridge bearing systems and interlocking at end-positions
  • Local control by Simatic S7-412H
  • For the eight filling and emptying valves
  • 8  hydraulic cylinders
  • 4 hydraulic power units incl. piping at both heads of lock
  • Local control systems by Simatic S7-412H

For the four mitre gates

  • 4 winch drive with hydraulic tensioning system
  • 4 local control systems by Sivacon-MCC with frequency control
  • Simatic S7-412H

For the complete navigation Lock

  • Governing redundant control by Simatic S7-412H with redundant SCADA-system