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Navigation-Locks at Canal Danube- Black Sea / Romania

Period: 2013-2019

Customer: Companie Nationale Administratia Canalelor Navigable S.A.

Country: Romania

Technical Description:

The modernization of three twin navigation locks on the Danube-Black Sea canal includes the planning, delivery and assembly of many different gates and valves including hydraulic drives as well as other equipment (drives for bascule bridges, ship-arrester-systems, etc.).
The project is executed in two phases by a consortium comprising DSD NOELL and other local companies.

The scope of supply by DSD NOELL includes:

•    2 vertical lift gates                 (W = 25m x H = 16m)
•    2 vertical lift gates                (W = 25m x H = 9.50m)
•    2 vertical lift gates                  (W = 12.5m x H = 7m)
•    2 Mitre gate pairs                 (W = 25m x H = 16.5m)
•    2 Mitre gate pairs                (W = 25 m x H = 9 m)
•    2 Mitre gate pairs                (W = 12.5 m x H = 7 m)
•    16 culvert gates                (W = 3m x H = 4m)

Total Weight approximately 3.100 ton

All gates are equipped with modern hydraulic drives and electrical controls. Furthermore the repair of ship arrester systems, bascule bridges and other equipment.
In addition, a large station with 8 pumps, each with a 1 MW power drive is also modernized. These ensure that the water level in the channel remains constant.