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Navigation Locks at Xayaburi HEP / Laos

Period: 2013-2016

Customer: Montan Hydraulik, Germany

Country: Laos

Technical Description:

The Xayaburi dam is 810 meter long and 49 meter high to create a water-level-difference of 32 meter. The hydro-power plant is designed for a capacity of 1.260 MW. 95% of the energy will be utilized in Thailand.

DSD NOELL designs and supplies the equipment for four ship-arrester, which are adjustable for the fluctuating water-levels through hydraulically operated rope-winches. The adjustment is performed automatically through positioning signals. The operation of ship-arrester is executed through 2 electronically synchronized winches. 

Scope of Supply:

  • 8 nos. hydraulically operated rope-winches with supports of 150 kN each
  • 4 sets catching ropes incl. safety elements
  • 8 sets rope-carriages incl. pulleys for adjusting of catching ropes
  • 8 nos. 90 degree redirecting structures for the upper rope-deflection
  • 8 nos. 180 degree redirecting structures for the lower rope-deflection
  • 8 nos. of steel structures for the installation of catching rope brake cylinder
  • 1 set of spare parts