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Nestil Pumpstorage Extension / Switzerland

Period: 2005
Customer: NOK, Switzerland
Country: Linth-Limmern-Valley in Kanton Glarus / Switzerland

Technical description:     

In April 2005 DSD NOELL was awarded the contract for the penstock extension of 261 MW Nestil-Tierfehd HEPP at the Linth-Limmern-Valley in Kanton Glarus in Switzerland, approximately 100 km southeast of the metropole Zurich. Customer NOK extended the existing waterpower plant to compensate for the unsustainable energy production of wind power plants and to cover the electricity needs during peak times.
The scope of supplies and services included design, fabrication and erection of:

  • 1 high pressure steel liner and 1 bifurcation with a total weight of almost 1,000 tons
  • total waterpressure of 1,200 m height, this equals 121 bar
  • 1 suction liner from lake to high pressure radial pump

The heavy duty bifurcation had to be fitted accurately into the existing steel lining after flamecutting of some portions and replacing and welding of the new part – tensionfree. A technological masterpiece.